#14 Creative communication

November 17, 2023

Learning #14 Communicate clearly in your creatives.

(luxury brands in particular sometimes only use images, without text in the creative)
I keep discovering brands (especially in the high-end and luxury segments) that use an image in their Ad creative.

That's it.

A product image.

Without a logo, text, let alone CTA.
Just a picture.

With the best will in the world, but how is the user supposed to do exactly what you want with the ad?

That's PPC left to chance, that's all it is.
Don't get me wrong, this can make sense, especially with meaningful images and lifestyle campaigns designed for this, but this way of communication shouldn't run through all your creatives.

Take advantage of the endless possibilities that the platforms offer you.
Test everything out and see what suits your brand, your customers and you best.