#9 Recommendation is key.

November 9, 2023

Learning #9 Recommendation is key. This is how we use it in PPC for Luxury Brands.

Have you ever experienced the following?
👉🏼 You and your product are recommended honestly and sincerely and you win a new customer… with a recommendation you often don’t have to actively sell anymore.

This is exactly what you can use for your advertisements. 🤓 Customers who love you will tell you about it. (If not, just ask them.)

🙏🏼 This is how you use it in your Ads:
With testimonial ads you can share exactly this feedback, because what is a recommendation basically about?

It’s Trust.

Trust that what you are selling is genuine, high quality and delivers what it promises.

Tell a story about your customers, share it with potential customers and let the magic happen.

Recommendation works. Contact me to find out how we would implement it into your PPC strategy.