#2 Learning: Rules of PPC for high priced Products and Luxury Brands

October 30, 2023

Learning #2 Rules of PPC for high priced Products and Luxury Brands are a completely different game! + our Framework

Two years ago we shifted our focus to Luxury Products and Premium Brands.

One thing quickly became clear:
Marketing for Luxury Brands follows its own rules.Trust is non-negotiable. It's the foundation.

Clarity in communication is crucial.

User-friendliness must be at the highest level because Luxury products are not about impulse purchases.
It's about building a relationship, conveying values ​​and providing an extraordinary experience. It takes time.
So your Ad Strategy must be different as well. You can't expect a conversion after a users first look onto your Ads...

You probably know that about your Customer Journey, so here is how you can use that for your advantage:

Our Framework always combines Meta & Google Ads.
The first impression often comes from channels like Meta and end with Google.
1. In the first Approach people get aware of your Brand, your Products our yourself.
2. If they are really interested they will try to find out more about your Brand. That is where Google becomes important.

So the learning is to always see the bigger picture and to combine multiple Channels into your Online Marketing Strategy.🤓