#1 Learning: UGC - A Gamechanger for Luxury Marketing (if done right)

October 29, 2023

Learning #1: UGC in the Luxury Segment:

A game changer if you do it right!

✨UGC for Luxury Brands works great, but not in the way many people think.

For Luxury Brands it is not just about high-quality production. It's about authenticity and real stories.

While many brands are looking for perfectly staged content, customers of Luxury Brands are looking for real, authentic moments.
If you do it right, your customers want to give their friends and followers a real insight into their luxurious lives in which your product plays a role.

How to effectively use and create UGC for your Luxury Business:
1️. Create motivation: Encourage your customers to share real moments with your product. A simple incentive could be to share their posts on your official social media account. A first step would be to repost the content that your customers already share on social media and interact with it. If people feel seen, they are motivated to do it more often.
2. Organic Reach: Focus on the long-term benefits of real customer interactions rather than prioritizing short-term, inauthentic content from creators that don't really deal with your brand.

So create your UGC Content with real customers instead of payed Creators.